Welcome to HaCKS!

HaCKS (Historical and Contemporary Knowledgebase in Sociolinguistics) is a student-led forum based across the Universities of Sheffield, York, and Leeds.

We aim to approach key topics in linguistics from a sociolinguistic angle and provide a twofold platform for discussion of these issues: a programme of workshops and an accompanying blog where continued discussion can take place.

Our topic for the year (2018-19) has been indexicalityAny element of language that is used and understood as a socially meaningful ‘signpost’ – ie. a linguistic indicator of a specific social group – can be said to be indexical of that group.

Our three HaCKS workshops this year explored whether this term is under-theorised in research on language variation, and we endeavoured to put into dialogue the applications of this concept in both historical and modern linguistics.

Our workshops for the academic year 2018-19 have now concluded, but please stay tuned for more workshops next year, and keep up to date with our blog and Twitter in the meantime!